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As in the article Dimensions / weights described, we are a construction class. This means that everyone is free to convert their boat as long as they do nothing that is prohibited in the class rule. 

However, uniformity of sports equipment is required in the Olympic sector. When sailing, this means that all boats are built by the same shipyard specifically for these Olympic Games.

The boats will then be drawn among the participants.

There's a problem in the Paralympic area. Some of the boat is also a “prosthesis”, it contains internals that are intended to compensate for the disadvantages that result from the athlete's disability. And just as every runner brings his prosthesis with him, every sailor naturally wants to have his tailor-made suit with him.

A form of the OD was therefore chosen, which limited it only to the hull, mast and boom, not to the internals. The interior of the boats is not the same, but the specifications for the hull, mast and boom are very precise.

Since the Norlin MK III is the most common type of 2.4mR, it forms the basis for OD.

Since the adoption of the OD guidelines, all new boats have been built according to these guidelines. That is why all boats have the "OD sticker" next to the well-known ISAF / WS sticker.

In essence, OD boats differ from earlier construction numbers only in compliance with the tight construction tolerances. In addition, many dimensions have been specified that do not play a role "in the normal 2.4mR range". 

So when I say as a measurer: "I want to see each boat at greater distances and take the measurements", this refers to the construction class with its 8 test points.

For an OD measurement, over 50 measurements must be taken and a number of templates must be held to the fuselage.

OD is only central for Paralympics. But that doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't go to the games can say: “It's none of my business”. There are special regattas that come from the Paralympic sector and can therefore have the OD-Only admission restriction.

Should the 2.4 Olympic actually make it into the selection, there will be more regattas. For some enthusiasts, the question may arise: "Can my boat go with you?"

What do I have to do to certify my boat as OD:

If you have a newer boat with an OD sticker, make an appointment with me. We measure, then the protocol goes to the int. KV Abt. OD and there is a certificate.

If you have an older boat, you should contact me first. He then gets the measurement plan and can check a few points himself whether it is within the construction tolerances. If so then it continues.

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