Requirements for the shroud adjustment


There is also a stipulation for this, but it is a bit cryptic.

"The shrouds on boats with adjustable shrouds must be able to be set to their highest tension on both sides at the same time." (C.8.4)

Is a little unfortunate. Expressed more understandably:

The state “Max. tight ”must be available on both sides at the same time.

For clarification:

The factory delivery condition has a turnbuckle on each side. Lever at the bottom is tight. The shroud length must therefore be such that both levers are at the bottom at the same time.

It is not necessary for the levers to move synchronously.

The aim of the rule is to prevent a "tilting mast technique". So a shroud adjustment that allows the mast to be bent far upwind.

What does that mean for the construction of the shroud adjustment?

For example, if you want to build a Ullis system - see Ulli's trim-trick box -, the shroud length must be coordinated so that the technical end position of the adjusting lever is reached with the desired shroud tension for strong winds. The lengths must therefore be precisely calculated and coordinated.

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