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… belongs to the family of rule-yachts like 5.5mR, 6mR, 8mR or 12mR. These boats are named after their measurement value, which results, among other things, from the length, width and displacement values ​​of the hull and the sail dimensions. We end up with 2.4mR.

2.4 fuselage
5.5 fuselage

The class was created in connection with the regattas for the America's Cup in the 12mR class in front of Newport (Rhode Island), USA, in 1980. At that time, "small" 12s were designed for sponsorship and training purposes, which is why our class is often ( erroneously) as Mini Twelve designated - because these were quite undemanding in terms of sailing compared to the 2.4.

Although it is a construction class, the Norlin MK III designed by Peter Norlin has the greatest distribution worldwide. The Norlin MK III was defined in 2013 as a one-design class within the 2.4mR class.

The class enjoys a rapidly growing, worldwide distribution - focus is on Europe, the USA and Australia, but there are also considerable fleets in Asia and South America. At world championships, fields of over 100 participants are common. The 2.4 has the World Sailing International Class Status.

We are a unique class! Quite good for beginners to sail, but if you want to go fast, it will be challenging. Then you need good trimming skills, tactical skills and regatta experience.

What you don't need is physical fitness (but mental!). There is no riding out and so there are many top sailors "with their backs" or other handicaps. Women and men, old and young, weighty and slender, sailors with and without handicaps compete against each other in regattas - without remuneration and with equal opportunities. It is controlled by foot pedal or hand control. And with its 181 kg lead keel and its floats in the bow and stern, the keelboat is of course capsize-proof, but also unsinkable.

The German fleet already has over 90 sailors who are very active in national and international regattas. And we are getting more and more.

You can also participate at any time!

Maybe you give it a try at an event that 2.4mR TRIPLE MATCH TROPHY at your home area or very close.

See also Wikipedia .

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  • Axel Ceglie-Swoboda

    Hello from Cairo,
    I'm in the process of pushing water sports in Egypt and I'm looking for partners for the mini twelve class.

    On the Nile and the Red Sea there is wind (weak but constant) and sun all year round, no big waves and lots of interested sailors.
    How do you start?

    I'm looking for ideas in the construction and manufacture of the boats (is there a light version?).

    greetings from the sailors

    Axel Ceglie-Swoboda. whats app (00201002171184)

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