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2017_02_17 Triple Match TrophyWhat's this?

The Triple Match Trophy is a racing series in tournament mode. In the first section, local performance sailors compete with ranked sailors of the 7mR in 2.4 events across Germany.
In short races of 3 boats each, directly in front of the organizers' piers, two event winners are determined who qualify directly for the final. The races are commented in a professional and humorous manner for the more or less large number of spectators.
Before the International German Championship, "the or the best of the best" will be sailed in the final.

Experience from two years?

This is how we operated it in 2017 and 2018. And now the experiences have been evaluated.

  • The format with three boats has proven itself.
  • The regatta course with up-and-down course directly in front of the organizer's jetties is exciting for the spectators.
  • Commenting on the races increases the fun.
  • Ultimately, too few “newcomers” have entered the 2.4mR.
  • Not all qualified people have come to the final.
  • The number of viewers did not always meet expectations.

Consequences for 2019?

We basically want to stick to the Triple Match Trophy. The regional regattas are to be continued by the respective organizers in order to lure as many district sailors as possible into the 2.4mR. However, these are no longer qualifying regattas for the final. The final will take place with participants invited by the class association before the start of the International German Championship. The winner receives the trophy as before and receives an entry in the Hall of Fame


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