Regattas 2021


The regatta calendar is taking shape. Based on our experience so far, some dates will certainly change again.

As always, we will fill and update the page continuously.

As of November 24th, 2020

by toRegattaTerritoryRL-factorWebsiteEntry / ResultReport Essen Ruhr City CupBaldeneysee1,2WSB 1919
17.4 ..18.4.9th MünsterCityCupAasee1,2SCM Berlin Cup
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
Müggelsee1,2YCBG Edersee CupEdersee1,2SSGE SaarLorLux regattaBostalsee1,2YCSB Alpine CupWörthersee1,2YCV weekIJsselmeer1,2In planning Città di Jesolo
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
Jesolo, Venice1,2Compagnia Della Vela Austrian State Championship
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
between 19.06. to 27.06.Kiel WeekKiel Fjord1,2KW regattaVeerse Meer1,2Zeeland Alpine Cup
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
Achensee1,2SCTW OpenWannsee1,2VSaW TrophyTegeler See1.2JSC are us - cupGeierswalder See1,2
WSVLS ChampionshipTonsberg, Norway1,6Entry National CupSeine, Paris1,4Yacht Club de I`lle de France championshipSpiegelplas (?)1,4WSV De Spiegel PrienCityCupChiemsee1,2SCPC
19.9.23nd International German Championship
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
starnberger Lake1,4MYC Prix Czech Republic
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
Máchovo Jezero (Mácha lake)1,4 Nevellüücht RegattaPlauer See1,2PHL,4AntwerpCityCup
not yet terminatedChampionship Italy
EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit
by toRegattaTerritoryRL-factorWebsiteEntry / ResultReport

The class associations of Germany, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic have in connection with EUROSAF an EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit decided. The national championship should always be included in the evaluation, the second regatta can be awarded freely.
In order to be able to take part in this EUROSAF 2.4mR Sailing Circuit (European ranking list), the sailors must take part in at least four regattas of the planned six to eight regattas (each country can name two regattas) in three different countries. The best three regattas then count towards the ranking list.

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