Ulli Libor - GER 7


When did you get into the 2.4 and why?

In the beginning the 2.4 was a training boat for our kite crews. In the meantime, this boat has developed into a high-class regatta ship, comparable in a smaller version to the 5,5. With the demanding difference that no support from a crew is available.
In search of a one-man boat, where tactics and boat trim are in the foreground, I joined two years ago after taking part in some 2 regattas.

What did you sail before?

OK dinghy, pirate, Finn Dinghy, FlyingDutchman, Star, Drachen, 5,5er, Admirals Cupper and 12er.

German youth champion 3 times (pirate)… ..IYRU European champion in two-man dinghy… Reserve at Olympia in Naples 1960 …… German champion in FD… .Silver at Olympia in Accapulco 1968… ..Bronze in Kiel 1972 …… .Winner of the QuarterTon Cup …… 4 times participation in the Admirals Cup… ..winner Sardinia Cup… and then 14 years no sailing… .. returning to the dragon class …… Vice World Champion… and then in the 2.4.

What do you like about the 2.4?

In addition to the extremely fair and nice camaraderie in this class, I enthusiastically sail the regattas and like to train with the competition.

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