Matthias Pape - GER 83


When did you get into the 2.4 and why?

I got into the 2.4mR because a good boat became available in the SCM, because I was interested in it for a long time and because I finally didn't want to just be the race director and organizer anymore. Finally sailing again without having to look for a crew who has the time and inclination. Small boat, great fun and especially because in Münster's SCM a whole series of 2.4mR are already being driven by nice people.

What did you sail before?

From the pirate, opti, youth hiking cutter, H-dinghy, P-boat, O-dinghy, Dart 18 Kat, very active folk boat, then thick-boat frigates and again migratory birds. Sometimes with good success, sometimes with less success - but always regattas. And in Münster on the Aasee, everything that swims, from migratory birds to J80 and J70 and c55 to BM. For many years he has been a licensed race leader and occasionally a holiday cruiser. Often helmsman, long in the middle on the Folke.

What do you like about the 2.4?

The nice people, the seriousness with which the class is sailed without being dogged. The handling of a real keelboat without having to move tons. In addition to the extremely fair and nice camaraderie, 2.4mR sailing is so fun, because not only the muscles and the euros, but the head are important.

Matthias - just mutating from standing to sitting sailor

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