Maik Aberle - GER 65


Since last year I have been sailing the Club 2.4er of the WSVLS Geierswalde. I had learned to sail and was about to take the sailing license test. A car accident on August 30.08.2012, 2 changed everything in my life in one fell swoop. I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Chance of survival XNUMX percent, according to the neurosurgeon.

Since I woke up from a coma, independence has been my top priority. I can live it out in the 2.4 now. Rediscovering life and understanding what our brain does every second when it is fully functional is an exciting experience. The past almost 5 years have been the most exciting of my life. With the help of many therapists, I can swallow, talk, walk without aids ... and, and, and !!!

Now it was the boating license. Because the professors at Leipzig University agreed that this goal is more than unrealistic. One reason to do it. Done!

At 2.4 mR I came to the child like the virgin. While visiting a regatta, "The golden vulture", I saw an advertising display "Inclusion sailing" next to the stage.

I had a handicap and a sailing license. So conquer the club. The WSVLS had a dusty 2.4mR standing in a warehouse for some time. Thank goodness our club chairman Klaus Wiegmann was interested in this ship. On Sunday after a club regatta, he took a lot of time for me and the 2.4er and helped me to discover the boat piece by piece within my means.

The friends of the 1st water sports club Lausitzer Seenland accompanied me on my dinghy on the same day with the rubber dinghy - at a distance of 20 meters. I was touched by so much sensitivity; because first I have to try to find a solution myself. If I can't find a solution, I will be happy to accept any help. That is my principle and I am right with the sailing friends in the 2.4mR class.

I made my debut as a regatta sailor in 2016 at the Prien City Cup ... and got to know very interesting people with and without handicaps. I felt really good in this 2.4 community. It can go on like this. In 2017 I'll be back in Prien!


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