Kerstin Horn - GER 27


I've always done a lot of sport in my life. I always keep my eyes open for sports that I can still practice with my handicap. I actively play wheelchair basketball and ride a handbike, I got to know sailing in the 2.4mR as part of a rehabilitation measure in Plau am See. I was enthusiastic from the beginning and stayed with it.

Kerstin Horn GER 27

Before the rehab I had no contact with sailing. What I like about the 2.4er is that it can be sailed by non-disabled and disabled people alike, because athletic and physical properties are of secondary importance. The 2.4 Series offers every sailor equal opportunities thanks to its diverse adjustment options. The right trim is important to sail a 2.4er really fast - there is still a lot to learn for me.

At Plauer Hai-Live eV I found my 'home port', a great little club that made so much possible for me and where I spend a lot of time in the summer months. Friendship, camaraderie and joy of sailing - that's what I've experienced with the Plauer sharks and also in this sailing class, since I've been actively participating in regattas.

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