Karsten "Butze" Bredt - GER 903


As a "trained" bowman with enthusiasm for steering, I'm just right in the 2.4mR. Because here you can do everything by yourself.

In 2012 I sailed with it for the first time at the Kieler Woche after decades of experience in addition to my “regular” class pirate in the folk boat, in the conger, in the dyas, in the H-boat or in the Varianta. Even if the foot control and the many adjustment options are different and have to be used to first, the basic sailing is no different in the 2.4.

It's not my thing to pull a cord every half hour on a large crewed yacht. In the 2.4, you have to pull mainsheet, jib sheet, barber hauler, mast controller, backstay and so on every second.

The 2.4mR is technically and tactically very close to the star boat and the star boat sails like an XXL pirate, so the circle closes again.

Basically I sail boats that go to the "windward buoy" and not anywhere at the speed of light. When the wind changes, I turn and don't want to hear, it takes too long, we keep going.
Better to be the fastest "turtle" than the slowest greyhound!

If you want to read more about Butze, you can find a nice portrait from August 2012 in the shackle, the newsletter of the Hanover Yacht Club.

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