Karl "Kalle" Dehler - GER 10

I'm curious how it will go, to sail in "one design" again. Actually, it wasn't planned that quickly, but during the IDM in HH we were “processed” so convincingly that there was no other way. So I bought a 2.4mR OD.
I have been racing regattas since 1968. First Vaurien then long 470s (DM, 2nd Olympic qualification 1976), FD and finally sea sailing. Admiralscup (1985-1989) and three-quarter toners (WM 1884). The most important Baltic regattas to date according to ORC compensation.
The 2.4er leads me back to the unit class (even if constructions are possible). That's why the ship is now also called:
Karl Dehler, GER 10
Kalle, still on the big ship

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  • Pape

    It is getting tight in class for Normalos. It means stretching to the ceiling and training. But even ex-Olympians only cook with water.

  • Dear Kalle Dehler, I follow your career at the Hanseyacht in Greifswald with great interest. You clearly follow the handwriting of your father, which I still appreciate with all his thoughts. I rather hope Kalle Dehler that these lines will reach you I am Wolfgang Choose you will surely know me from the beautiful Dehler period in Freienohl, live in Toronto and am often in the Sauerland region I would be happy to receive a reply.

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