Detlef Müller-Böling - GER 99


When did you get into the 2.4 and why?

2000. I was looking for a boat that I could sail without a crew.

What did you sail before?

I started the pirate, then I had a keel and when the daughter came I switched to the H-boat. I stayed with the H-boat with an intermezzo in the Dyas. What is striking: H-Boot and 2.4mR sail very similar, only two to three team members are missing. Incidentally, entire H-boat teams in Sweden have switched to the 2.4er - not least because of the costs. After all, you get three 2.4s for less than half the original price of an H-boat.

What do you like about the 2.4?

First of all: The boat is manageable, both on land and on the dock. Then it is incredibly challenging in terms of sailing. It reacts very, very sensitively to the smallest changes in trim - whether it is a fattening, pods or backstay. It's really fun not to work with the power hammer, but with the mallet. And ultimately there is great camaraderie both nationally and internationally. I feel really good there!

GER 99 in backlight

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