Detlef Müller-Böling - GER 99


When did you get into the 2.4 and why?

2000. I was looking for a boat that I could sail without a crew.

What did you sail before?

I started with the pirate, then had a keel-migratory bird, and when the daughter came I switched to the H-boat. I stayed with the H-Boat with an interlude in the Dyas. What is noticeable: H-boat and 2.4mR sail very similarly, only two or three team members are missing. Incidentally, entire H-boat crews in Sweden are said to have switched to the 2.4 - not least because of the costs. After all, you get three 2.4er for less than half the price of an H-boat.

What do you like about the 2.4?

First of all: the boat is handy, both on land and on the jetty. Then it is incredibly challenging in terms of sailing. It reacts very, very sensitively to the smallest trim changes - whether it is a mast halyard, sheets or backstay. It's really fun not to work with the power hammer but with the clapper. And ultimately there is great camaraderie both nationally and internationally. I feel really good there!

GER 99 in backlight



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