Christian Bodler - GER 77


Water, sun, horizon, sailing is my elixir of life.

In order to come to grandpa on the Sassau peninsula at the age of 10,
were all buoyant means right, from leaky wooden paddle boats to rafts with bed sheets.

In the afternoon after the boat cleaning in the rental, when the Valentin disappeared behind the Herreninsel with the sailing students, quickly went into the pirates, tried to compete in the shallow harbor with the sword raised in the pirate (knickspanter).

A hard but beautiful childhood not to be missed.

Benefited from early self-experience.

1966-70 Federal Navy, 1980 SCPC board

My boats: A- Cat, Schratz, Finn, Laser, Rivetto, Skippi 650, U- 20,
As a helmsman: from small racing yachts to liberas with 12 men in the harness.

Int. DM in laser radial.

2006 Member of the Organizing Committee WV-Fraueninsel: Question about the Olympic IDM, “where to go with the International 2.4 mR,” only the SCPC was left.

The dream of living on a ship was fulfilled early, with the consent of my wife, on the oceans for months. Thanks here: to Swabian Lothar, who made it possible for me.

At that time, partner and captain of a 25 m long, glued, two-mast mahogany schooner.

Is there a ship that can be sailed with one hand?
There it is: the International 2.4 mR, no athletics necessary, weight, height, age and
Impairments don't matter, just the right thing for me.

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