Bernd Zirkelbach - GER 11


I think I can say that I live for sailing, both as a hobby and as a job.

As an active regatta sailor, I had successes in the pirate (Baltic Sea week, Spartakiade) and in the 420s (East German youth championship), later in the 470s (East German championship), in the FD (East German championship) or XY (East German championship). ,

From 1978 I am a trainer for various institutions such as the German Sailing Association, for AeroSail, the Sailing Department in the German Disabled Sports Association, the Yacht Club Berlin-Grünau, the Swiss Sailing Team or the STG Academy with a variety of boat classes such as Soling, 420s, 470s, 49s, star boats, H-boats, sonar or of course the 2.4 series. There is a lot of experience and success of "my" sailors. With his help, Heiko Kröger alone became world champion seven times and once gold and silver medalist at the Paralympics.

What the 2.4er means to me is simple:

A boat that demands everything from me
but brings a lot of joy and fun to sailing.









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