Antonia Schröder - GER 30


Sailing has been part of my life since I was little. My grandfather owned a boat that had its berth on Fehmarn. On weekends we were very often with the family on the island and let the wind blow on our nose on "AGAMO". In 2009 it happened that we as a family had a boat on the Müritz and later on the Plauer See. There we got to know the 2.4mR through the Plauer Hai-Live eV. 

In autumn 2013 I sailed my first regatta in the 2.4mR and was immediately impressed. My father spoke to me then about whether I would take a free boat from Plauer Hai-Live eV to the now legendary Nevellüüchtwanted to participate in the regatta on the Plauer See. I accepted without hesitation and had a wonderful experience. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I immediately felt at home in the boat, sitting close to the water, experiencing the various trimming options and the excitement at the start and on the course, never let go of me.

Antonia with 2.4mR formula on her head

What particularly excites me about the class is the community of sailors. This community is characterized by its friendliness, helpfulness and diversity. For me, the class is a successful example of lived inclusion.

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