Wolfgang Grupe - GER 81


I came to the 2.4, because as an enthusiastic regatta sailor, I literally lost the bowman!

Now it is exactly the right boat for me to be able to continue sailing. Sailing in the large 2.4 community is a lot of fun.

My sailing history began more seriously in 1994, at Lake Kemnader in the south of Bochum, a 1,25 km² small Ruhr reservoir, on which I sailed my own Efsix 2000. Regatta sailing had always interested and captured me. I was very successful regionally, and I was able to win a number of regattas with Marianne as crew member.

Because of or with my severe disability, I finally came to the BRSNW in 2008, where I won the German championship five times in a row with my Efsix, also multiple national champions. At the 5st championship in Schwerin there was contact with the 1ers for the first time. It was only when I was unable to inspire a canoe at all in 2.4 that I switched to the 2013. In early 2.4, a Norlin MK III was purchased, the Lucky Devil, plaque no. 2014, with the sailing number GER 850.

It is particularly valuable and important how serious Marianne is. She is the best coach and the best woman far and wide and always there; I really can't have it any better.

Finally being able to sail without having to wait in vain for a jib, that was and has become my new world.

We have had a lot of fun in the past years, got to know a lot of nice friends at the regattas and there are more and more.

From a purely sporting point of view, there are already results with small successes that are quite impressive. The biggest event and experience was the participation in the Worlds of 2.4mR in July 2017 on the Sneek Sea with a total of 84 competing sailors.

Take a look at the 2punkt4.online page, there is always a lot of interesting and current information to read.

At the end...

The 2.4mR is always a real challenge for me as an ambitious regatta sailor born in 1946. I want to live this out with Marianne as long as possible in the 2.4 community.


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