Here you can read what active 2.4-man sailors move and what fascinates them about our class. And you can also see that we are attractive to very different people. People with decades of international regatta experience as well as newcomers, young and old, men and women, disabled and non-disabled. However, the latter does not really matter in the self-portraits. You can guess why!

So far in self-portrait:

Maik AberleGER 65
Christian BodlerGER 77
Karsten "Butze" BredtGER 903
Karl DehlerGER 10
Wolfgang GrupeGER 81
Hans GrzembaGER 23
Kerstin HornGER 27
Heiko KroegerGER 1
Jens KrokerGER 8
Ulli LiborGER 7
Michael MüllerGER 56
Detlef Müller-BölingGER 99
Matthias PapeGER 83
Frank SchererGER 41
Antonia SchröderGER 30
Tim Leonhard TrömerGER 51
Bernd ZirkelbachGER 11


More will follow.

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