The 2.4mR class association also has one Youtube channel under

The World Cup 2019 in Genoa with two films from race days 2 and 3

The MünsterCup 2019 from the air. Thanks to drone and Alexander Wildförster.

Jan Libor filmed an ode to the 2018mR during the SaarLorLux Regatta 2.4 at Bostalsee with great results.

Sabine Mohr and Ulli Libor enthusiastically launch the 2.4 24th of June 2018 as part of the Schleswig-Holstein Open Channel at Kiel Week

From the Open Dutch Championship 2017 on the Rhederlaag near Giesbeek from 8th to 10th September 2017 there is a film by Rob Lohman with some impressive pictures:

On the occasion of the Kiel Week and the Paraworlds 2017 in Kiel On June 25.06.2017th, 2.4 the Open Canal Kiel brings a remarkable characterization of the 2.4mR with distinctive and authentic words by Poldi Käther about inclusion. He knows what he is talking about, since he has sailed most of his life as a "non-disabled" and now drives in the XNUMX as a "disabled".

From World Sailing a contribution from the year 2016, in which the Australian silver medalist from Rio Matt Bugg explains the technically demanding side of the 2.4mR.

World Sailing presents the 2.4mR class at the Paralympics 2016 in Rio.

Kerstin Horn of the Plauer Sharks shows in August 2015how beautiful sailing is - on the Plauer See and in the 2.4er.
Four minutes of relaxation!

A work by Students from the University of Kiel about what constitutes 2.4er sailing. With the wonderful saying by Megan Pescoe, disabled 2.4-seaters are like penguins: clumsy in the countryside, but agile and agile in the water. From the year 2009 recorded during the Kiel week.

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