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Naturally, this press review is not complete.


2. February 2021
Im Starnberg Mercury there is a preliminary report on the International German Championship 2021 on Lake Starnberg with references to the inclusiveness of our class, our top sailors Kröger and Libor, the hope Damien Seguin would come and all under the title
Special opportunity for the entire area


27. December 2020
The Saxon newspaper is reported about Maik Aberle, who after a serious accident from sailing in the 2.4mR finds himself "full-fledged" and said that
"The one up there didn't want me yet"
December 2020
In the club's journal of North German Regatta Club reports Peter Eckhardt about his first 2.4mR regatta, the Nevellüücht on the Plauer See below
Experience report from a newcomer
November 2020
The Segler-Zeitung reports on the Berlin Cup at the YCBG with a strong connection to the Berlin sailors below
Heiko Kröger wins the Berlin Cup
November 2020
And the Prien City Cup can also be found in the Segler-Zeitung again under
Oliver Thies is hard to beat
October 2020
It is very detailed in two articles (p. 41 and p. 70) in the Segler-Zeitung reports on the International German Championship 2020 at the VSAW under the title
Double victory for Heiko Kröger as well as under
Boom of the 2.4mR to the IDM
24. August 2020
YACHT-online brings an interview with Frank Schönfeldt, who says after participating in the International German Championship of the 2.4mR,
The regatta changed my life
The print edition of the YACHT after with a short version under the heading Tell me, Mr. Schönfeld ...
18 JULY 2020
The Berliner Kurier is especially happy with the VSAW that the sailing to Corona starts again. The International Championship in 2.4 is particularly emphasized, which, in contrast to the Dragon Championship, will take place shortly
Finally set sail again
July 2020
The Segler-Zeitung is amazed at our ability to respond to corona conditions.
Flexible 2.4mR: IDM now in Berlin
21th of June 2020
The Upper Bavarian Volksblatt praises the sailing club Prien am Chiemsee for its great commitment in integration sailing with 2.4ers among others
The Prien Sailing Club is an exemplary association
June 2020th
The Segler-Zeitung talks once again about the life stages of Ulli Libor on the occasion of his 80th birthday and at the end particularly appreciates his commitment to the 2.4 series under the title
Inspiration for German sailing
23. May 2020
The Münster newspaper reports the first attempts at sailing the Super3 on the Aasee under the title
Launched with Libor
May 2020
The Segler-Zeitung appreciates our activities at boot with our media, the many KV activists on the stand and the great response from interested parties for a test sailing under the title
Strong appearance of the 2.4mR
27. March 2020
Carsten Kemmling, 2.4mR champion from 2017, congratulates our chairman Ulli Libor with great expertise on the history of his 80th birthday under the title
January 2020
The Segler-Zeitung presents our successful initiatives to activate the 2.4 series (also worldwide) at the beginning of the year and highlights in particular our German championships at renowned clubs, the good press work on the website and with the print media as well as the innovative regatta concepts Triple Match and Mixed Inclusion Trophy
German 2.4mR bring class around the world
In addition, reference is already made to our European Championship, combined with the remark that we are developing more and more as the inclusion discipline per se and are experiencing a great upswing in Germany
Title festival in front of Travemünde

The YACHT Kalle Dehler can report on his experiences at the World Cup in Italy under the title
The late called


21. - 22. October 2019
One clarifies about the World Championship of the 2.4mR in Genoa with a worth reading report on the weather conditions and naming all champions, masters, grandmasters etc. Press release by the organizing Yacht Club Italiano on under


Eurosails-News also brings news about the harsh weather and the results

2.4mR World Championship

October 2nd to 9th, December 2019
There are preliminary reports and reports on the results of the International German Champion 2019 in Essen am Baldeneysee Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung on the 2.10.

Olympic champions also start at the DM on Lake Baldeney

then on the City website Essen on October 04.10th, which also reports on the final of the Triple Match Trophy

Lord Mayor Kufen at the International German Championship in sailing on Lake Baldeney

as well as in the Be courier on the 09.10.

Paralympics winner wins championship title

and the sailor newspaper reports again in the December issue of the championship below


1. October 2019
The Chiemgau newspaper brings a report from the annual regatta on Lake Chiemsee with the result

Christian Bodler wins the Prien City Cup

October 2019
The Segler-Zeitung knows about the Para-IDM

Heiko Kröger triumphs in Geierswalde

September 2019
The Segler-Zeitung brings the report from our website about the gift of a boat to the KV

Michael Kempf gives his ship to class association

August 2019
The Segler-Zeitung of the month of August has again many 2.4 reports, such as the Kiel Week with strong mention of Heiko Kröger and Kalle Dehler at

Hunger sets a record 22 wins.

Bernd is recognized as Vice European Champion

Bernd Zirkelbach (YCBG) is Vice European Champion in the 2.4mR yachts.

The question was at the SaarLor-Lux regatta on Bostalsee

Would you like a little more…?

And among all the Kieler Woche winners who are up for the choice of the sailors of the month, our Champ Heiko is also there

Seven-Kiel Week winners to choose from.

7 JULY 2019
The Website of the Warnemünder Woche houses the results of a conversation with Poldi and Kalle

2.4mR - that's like "sailing chess".

July 2019
The Segler-Zeitung this month is full of reports on the 2.4mR. Ulli Libor and the Mixed Inclusion Trophy are starting on page 37

Promote inclusion.

Heiko Kröger continues with the Yacht Club Berlin Grünau on pages 131/132

Heiko Kröger wins Berlin Cup of inclusion sailors

and Poldi Käther joins in with the Joersfeld sailing club on page 133

Super finale of Berlin sailing at the JSC.

1th of June 2019
The website  Sports Report brings a final report on the 1st European Inclusion Para Championship, in which the (handicapped) Italian Antonio Squizzato wins and thinks in front of the (not recognizable handicapped 🙂) Germans Bernd Zirkelbach and Ulli Libor

First European inclusion championship a complete success

which the results also prove.

17. April 2019
The Westfälische Nachrichten think the MünsterCup 2019 would be because of the weather and the challenging Aasee

Even Olympic participants at their limits

31. March 2019
The Local compass Essen-Werden brings beautiful pictures and a report on the 16th EssenCityRuhrCup under the heading

Paralympic winner Heiko Kröger sails in front on Lake Baldeney

February 2019
The  Segler-Zeitung reports in detail about the entry of the IMMAC Sailing Team into the promotion of the 2.4mR class with beautiful original sounds of the sponsors and sponsors and the note that the International Paralympic Committee may look to Germany

IMMAC starts at 2.4.

15. January 2019
The  Upper Bavarian Volksblatt reports that the Prien Chiemsee sailing club, which has had a handicap division since 2008, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is based on Chiemsee, although

SCPC was "born" on Lake Garda.


December 2018
In DMSG - what we do the association organ of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society, Kerstin Horn impressively admits - of course with reference to the 2.4

Sport is my passion.

November 2018
The  Segler-Zeitung  takes the decision of the International Paralympic Committee to cancel sailing in the Paralympics in 2024 as well. With regard to the sailing competitions in Kiel, all associations have criticized this decision, including the president of World Sailing Kim Andersen.

Kieler Woche continues to focus on inclusion
However, the development should follow ours Opinions no further towards the Paralympics, but the inclusion of the 2.4mR in the regular Olympic Games.

November 2018
The  Segler-Zeitung  reports on the Prien City Cup

2.4mR / sonar: Barhainski and Bittner successful

09. October 2018
The Upper Bavarian Volksblatt reports on the performance of the Priener 2.4mR sailors at the 2018 Czech Grand Prix

Sailed to number two on the reservoir

09. October 2018
Carsten Kemmling poses in sail reporter on the occasion of a report on the International German Championship at the Potsdamer Yacht Club on the Wannsee the registration record and the upswing of the 2.4mR class

Shoshozola in front

08. October 2018
Im Q On the occasion of the International German Championship at the Potsdamer Yacht Club on the Wannsee, the disappointment with the end of the sailing competitions at the Paralympics is reported

"An insane decision"

05. September 2018
The Upper Bavarian Volksblatt reports online about the PrienCityCup and the Bavarian Championship

SC Prien with double victory

August 2018
The  Segler-Zeitung  reports in detail on the Para Euro in Kiel in the 2.4mR and the Hansa 303 class with extensive comments from Heiko and Lasse at

Two almost flawless series

In the same issue of Segler-Zeitung The Kieler Woche organization manager and the chairman of the KYC have their say, which confirm complete inclusion in the 2.4 series

Samba, sailing, sunshine

And ultimately it takes effect Segler-Zeitung the article on the website of the Kieler Woche again and concentrates entirely on the real inclusion character of the class again with quotes from Ulli and Heiko

A boat class for everyone

17 JULY 2018
The Upper Bavarian Volksblatt reports online

Christian Bodler is sailing for the title in Austria

24th of June 2018
On Website of the Kiel Week there is a report on the 2.4 series with original sound by Ulli Libor and Heiko Kröger under the heading

A boat class for everyone

19th of June 2018
The Saxon newspaper  brings an initiative by Maik Aberle, who brought his 2.4 in public as part of a boulevard project in Hoyerswerda, and then it said

A sailing boat in front of the Johanneskirche

06th of June 2018
The Berliner Morgenpost is dedicated to the sailing life of Poldi Käther and titled

Back on the boat, back to life

July 2018
The reports on the Berlin Cup  Segler-Zeitung  with the mention of many new prominent names that entered the 2.4 series and placed themselves in the front, however

Heiko Kröger wins Berlin Cup and IDM in the 2.4mR class

And for Kiel Week there is the same issue of Segler-Zeitung a comprehensive report on the Eurosaf Para Sailing Championship 2018 with the note that sailing is inclusion and therefore belongs to the Paralympics again with the remarkable sentence “Disabled versus non-disabled, sailors versus sailors, everything is possible in the 2.4mR. "

Para Sailing Championship with Kroeger and Kroker

June 2018th
Ulli Libor writes in the  Segler-Zeitung why he and several others are increasingly sailing 2.4er

2.4mR: regatta sport for all-rounders


28. September 2017
Volker Göbner reports in the online edition of  Segler-Zeitung about the International German Championship for the Disabled.

Light wind at handicap championship in 2.4mR and sonar

And that too Upper Bavarian Volksblatt knows how to report under

Sailors with and without handicap together for master honors

25th of June 2017
The Segler-Zeitung quotes Ulli Libor, who speaks enthusiastically about his reasons why the 2.4er sails and emphasizes that the boat is demanding for everyone - not just for the disabled.

Libor: Not just Paralympic

22th of June 2017
The Kieler nachrichten start an article about Paraworlds 2017 with a nice 2.4 picture and the appropriate signature Sailing at the highest level and sometimes below the waterline, Otherwise, a discussion about the Paralympic classes and the report on the first day of the Paraworlds, which Heiko Kröger later won overall, under the heading

Kroeger second, Kroker third


29. November 2016
The Bavaria Sport describes the consequences of the disembarkation of sailing at the Paralympics 2020 on the work of the Prien am Chiemsee sailing club, which lacks decisive funding for its inclusive sailing work

Heavy hit

November 2016
In the magazine ABOUT US of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lower Saxony writes Kerstin Horn

Just sail or I'm in the "flow"

02. November 2016
At the PrienCityCup, local politicians complained a lot about the departure of the sailors at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. That now leads to Upper Bavarian Volksblatt to an article under the heading

Total incomprehension

12. October 2016
The Newspaper for Lübz-Goldberg-Plau Simone Herbst reports on the regatta on the Plauer under the title

"Nevellüücht“Up the Plauer See

October 01, 2016
Again in Upper Bavarian Volksblatt written about the PrienCityCup and the Bavarian Championship. This time under the title

A celebration of integration and inclusion


September 25, 2015
Im Upper Bavarian Volksblattis reported on the Bavarian Championship under the title

A highlight of integration


August 2012
The shackle, messages from the Hanover Yacht Club, portrays Butze Bredt, who has just entered the 2.4 series

Karsten "Butze" Bredt What he does, he does it right


May 17, 2011
Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. regional newspaper reports on the 2nd Edersee Cup

Müller-Böling defends title


August 30, 2010
The Wilhemshaven newspaper reported about a regatta there

Eight races

24. August 2010
The Chiemgau newspaper the fight for the International German Championship 2010 is described in detail, even if

Wind prevents German championship

May 17, 2010
The Chiemgau newspaperreports on the PrienCityCup with a strong connection to inclusion

From a wheelchair to a sailing boat and onto the Chiemsee

12. May 2010
A preliminary report on the Prien City Cup in the Chiemgau newspaper

22 participants from four nations


27. May 2009
The reports on the Prien City Cup 2009 Chiemgau newspaper under

One of the largest 2.4 regattas in the country

as well as the Segler-Zeitung under

Detlef Müller-Böling dominates the Prien City Cup


October 05, 2007
In a comprehensive report on the International German Championships of Olympic boat classes on Lake Chiemsee, editor Martin Blum of the Chiemgau newspaper

Kröger lives up to the role of favorite

04. October 2007
Editor Martin Blum dedicates the opening of the international German championships of the Olympic boat classes on the Chiemsee Chiemgau newspaper a report under the title

A Danish won the first race

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