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Dear 2.4mR friends,

the following pages will be extremely intense watched, as you can see from the number of visitors.

You can search for or offer something yourself or put it up for discussion.

Your class secretary Detlef, GER 99

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Secretary Detlef
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Bernd asked me to publish his opinion here.

Dear Board of Directors,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your work under these difficult conditions this year. Together with the sailors, you got the best out of our class.
I see the "worry storm" as a bit more problematic. Here it would probably have been better to give all sailors the chance to familiarize themselves with the problems and possibilities in good time with the relevant facts. This would have allowed an open discussion during the regattas and given all sailors interested in this problem the opportunity to get information and exchange opinions.
But I hope that point 4 of the Clicker 06/20 and Heiko's collection of facts (see Appendix fly 06/20 or on our website Trim & Technique) some fundamental misunderstandings could be cleared up.
I am in favor of an OD under which as many regattas as possible can sail.
I am against a division of the class and hope for a lively open discussion in which all groups that may be present can find themselves.
With this in mind, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year in a hopefully better year 2021 - but above all:
Bernd Zirkelbach
GER 11


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Love 2.4 community!

I think Heiko set out the basics and possibilities for the future very clearly and understandably in his paper. In my eyes only the second of his listed points remains:

"The 2.4mR class has (as in the last 20 years) an OD-adequate set of rules that are accepted by World Sailing and Para World Sailing. This means that the status (choosen equipment) can be maintained.
For special existing events, such as B. the Para Worlds, and potential events such as the Paralympic and Olympic Games, the material coordinated with the Int 2.4mR Class could then be used."

We keep all options open. We are sailing a construction class, within which there is an OD measurement. Boats with OD measurements are 2.4mR boats, but not all 2.4mR boats are OD measured. The latter is only required for special events, see Heiko's comments.

Nothing will change for the “normal sailor” to whom I count myself, above all we stay a Great - anything else would be a death knell for our community.

I would like Ulli's formulation in the last clicker "The engine of our boat is the sails, not the keel or the underwater hull. ” add "The brake is in the boat!"

Stay healthy, spend the holidays calmly and carefully!
Poldi (GER 123)

(@ Ger5christoph)
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Hello dear 2.4 sailors,

I feel compelled to spoil the game again.

Of course, one can accept and accept that the situation is what it is. One should just make it clear which consequences are connected with it. Physics cannot be persuaded. When I am traveling with a keelboat that has a lower center of gravity, I am faster with pressure! If you want to convince me otherwise, you should watch Megan's series in Genoa.

Of course only with pressure and of course not everyone can achieve this advantage.

This is a bit daring and should only be interpreted as an exaggeration to make my point clear: I claim with Megan's boat Heiko would have become world champion in Genoa.

Why do we want to allow such unnecessary differences? I think it's a stupid feeling not to have a chance to play at the front under certain conditions. Even if, as some claim, it is only theoretical considerations. But I don't think so.

That's why I'm fully on Bernd's side. In a vote that doesn't yet exist, I raise my hand for OD based on the Norlin Mk3 without deeper keels and with a fixed lead weight.

As the largest national KV, we would have a certain influence. 

Happy Holidays .... defy everything



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Hi all,

I am pleased that my compilation or facts about mR and OD seem to be well received. It is important to me that the subject does not degenerate completely as soon as it comes up somewhere. Unfortunately - unnecessarily - it had a great deal of explosive power in the past.

The document is a collection of facts with no personal component. My opinion on the subject is that an OD division in the 2.4mR class is absolutely important and correct. It doesn't hurt anyone, it doesn't take anything away from anyone and is only relevant for certain purposes. But it is the link to World Sailing and its top events.

Basically, I always find OD the best solution for a boat class these days. The number of new designs in the 2.4mR class is ultimately on a homeopathic level and we can actually no longer speak of a construction class. We are in fact the Norlin MKIII class.

I myself prefer to compete against other sailors and not against deeper keels, other hull / deck lines and more lead ballast. Personally, I want to know for myself whether I have sailed well or badly and not whether my boat performed well or poorly against a XXX MK YYY in today's wind conditions. That is not my interpretation of athletic competition.

@ Christoph: I would have won the World Championships if I hadn't had a jump start in the first race, hadn't been sunk by an Irish sailor later and had found the windward buoy twice earlier. I was faster in direct "infight" with Megan - even without a deep keel and 5 kg additional lead. Marko Dahlberg has become vice world champion with an unmodified "ex shipyard" Norlin MKIII.

But I absolutely agree with you. If performance-relevant changes are allowed, they are implemented. It's just easier to buy benefits than to develop them through training. Everyone has to and is allowed to deal with this for themselves and as long as I can get along with my 2011 boat without hull modifications, lowered boats don't upset me much.

Stay healthy and confident!




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