Board of Directors


We are the class association of 2.4mR boats in Germany. Our goal is to give even more sailors the fun of a unique sailboat.

Our active volunteers:

Elected board
Chairmancurrently vacantGeneral strategy, external representation, public relations
2. chairmanKarin HofmannDiversity, equality
secretarycurrently vacantMember management, finance, website, internal communication
junior chairmancurrently vacantYoungsters, training
Appointed Agent
Representative for special sporting eventsStephan GiesenIDM, Triple Match Trophy
Technical chairmanThomas Jatschmeasurement
honorary Chairman
honorary Chairman Mathias KortkeChairman from 2000 to 2017

The address of the class association is:

German 2.4mR class association eV
c / o Detlef Müller-Böling
Heussstrasse 47
52078 Aachen

The bank details:

German 2.4mR class association eV
IBAN: DE53 8306 5408 0004 0290 54
BIC: GENODEF1SLR (VR-Bank Altenburger Land / Deutsche Skatbank)

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