Worldwide turbulence around OD

Worldwide turbulence around OD

One Design is currently making waves again in the International 2.4mR Class Association (ICA). An OD commission was set up. It ended with a scandal after which no agreement could be reached among four commission members. As a result, Steve Bullmore resigned as President of the ICA.

The Board of Directors the German 2.4mR class association comments on the events in a unanimous Resolution:

Steve Bullmore has resigned from his position as president of the association because of disagreements regarding the future OD strategy of the International 2.4mR Association and because of defamatory personal attacks.

The board of the German 2.4mR class association comments on this as follows:

  1. We regret Steve Bullmore's resignation. It is our firm belief that Steve has endeavored to treat the OD issue fairly and in a balanced manner.
  2. At the moment, we generally consider a change in the construction rules with the addition of OD in our class to be inappropriate and necessary, on the contrary, counterproductive. 
  3. For more than twenty years, parts of the 2.4mR community have been trying to turn the construction class into a one-design class with a strong reference to a manufacturer. An impending division of the class has so far been prevented by the fact that there is an OD rule within the meter rule. 
  4. This was only relevant for para-sailors, but only at Para-World Championships or Paralympics. Now a (changed) OD rule is being propagated again, in particular with justification for the reinstatement of sailing in the Paralympics. 
  5. We consider the re-introduction of sailing into the Paralympics - even if desirable - to be absolutely unrealistic. Similarly, the 2.4mR in competition with telegenic action-classes should have no chance of inclusion in the regular Olympic Games
  6. Of the around 100 boats in the German Class Association, 19 boats have OD certificates, of which 8 helmsmen out of a total of 30 are currently sailing in the handicap area (classified). In view of these figures, which are certainly representative for other countries, we consider extra ratings for classified handicapped sailors only on OD boats to be nonsensical and demand ratings for classified handicapped sailors on all 2.4mR boats as has been practiced in Germany since the beginning. This is also important because the class has distinguished itself as an inclusive class; extra ratings on extra boats would be exclusive and therefore not in the interests of the development of the class.
  7. In general, we reject separate ratings on OD boats for all regattas, except in the unlikely event of the Olympic or Paralympic Games.
  8. Finally, we express our displeasure that the class is being burdened with reactivating an already resolved conflict between the metre and OD rules, given the difficult pan-demic situation with many problems in personal communication and the conduct of regattas.

If you want to understand what led us to this resolution, you can study the following papers. They are not easy fare, the choice of words ist often hard. This applies even more to the extensive mail traffic that has not been reproduced, which we only have partially.

Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. ICA OD commission has in years 2007 already compiled what still moves us today.

2007 OD Committee

The current OD commission submitted a report, but only two of the four members accepted it.

2021 OD Committee

The other two members then wrote a separate report.

2021 OD Committee members

There are also comments from Hasse Malmsten

2021 OD Hasse Malmsten

as well as Pal Kragset, a former President of the ICA from Norway

2021 Pal cantilever set

as well as an opinion from Pal on the question of Para-rating at the upcoming World Championships in Norway, which should only take place for sailors on certified OD boats

2021 Report Worlds Pal Kragset

An (unsigned) letter from World Sailing(WS) to ICA also plays a role

2021 letter WS to ICA

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  • Steve Bullmore's resignation as President of the ICA is a heavy blow.
    Think the Int. 2.4 mR class has meanwhile increased extremely,
    it will continue to experience a high level of acceptance.

    • 2.4 Dear friends

      with effort and Google's help, I worked my way through the positions.

      What was left for me is that the parasailers have to buy MK3 OD so that they can take part in large pararegattas?
      Criticism spurs!

      Instead of arguing, it would be much more important to advise the disabled sports associations to change their discriminatory name to Para or an appropriate one.
      Sailors would have that in their cross!

      Best Regards

  • Burkhard

    Hi Detlef,

    Thank you for your willingness to bring openness and transparency to this topic! For a long time I have felt that there are not inconsiderable opinions and motives in the OD discussion that are not primarily oriented towards the issue. Now my insight has become much clearer.
    I hope that we succeed in changing the discussion on OD in such a way that opinion can be formed on a broad, transparent and consensus-oriented basis. That would be very good for the class.

    GER 89

  • Michael Adam

    I see the story a little more differentiated now - if you read the letter from World Sailing from January 21, you will find the statement that only Norlin MKIII OD boats are approved for the Para World Cup. That was probably the case in NOR, which has since been withdrawn. The report by Pal Kragset reveals the possible problem. If it had stayed with this regulation, numerous para-sailors would be excluded from the World Cup. In the meantime we have communicated with World Sailing and - in my opinion - an excellent compromise has been found: All Norlin MKIII boats with 180kg ballast are admitted to the Para World Championships. Other designs are not permitted - but I don't know of any para-sailor who sails a different design.
    And the open World Championship is not affected by this regulation at all - all 2.4mR-measured boats are permitted.

    Michael GER 155

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