Sailing with Anja

Sailing with Anja

Many are currently writing or saying: "Hopefully it will start again soon!" Anja Schlutius from the water sports club Baldeney, the annual organizer of the RuhrCityCup, has already started in her home area in 2021.

In addition, she writes:

“In fact, I wasn't the first !!! Peter (Greif) and Michael (Brenner) were out on New Years Day - in the sun - with their 2.4ers. Unfortunately I couldn't. My “sailing in” later became a “paddling”, because the wind unfortunately dropped completely, it was still nice!

We are currently doing a lot of advertising for our boat class and already have a few interested parties and another boat in the club. I also always like to say that in the boat you are sitting quite sheltered from the wind and (with garden knee pillows as insulation) it is not as cold as you might imagine (at least when no water comes over). But the "hobby combination" skiing-sailing also ensures that I have plenty of warm clothing ... At the moment, I am more bothered by the early darkness and of course the restriction on using the clubhouse.

After all, that's a bright spot!

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