Thoughts about the turn of the year

Thoughts about the turn of the year

2020 changed our sailing life drastically. By the end of July, 18 regattas were cancelled. We were able to catch up on some of them, others were in the period from August onwards anyway, so that we managed to hold eight and seven sailed regattas before a lockdown slowed us down again. The highlight of this year was certainly the International German Championship at the VSAW in Berlin with 40 participants. Sören Eze is there sensational photos made - example below.

Start at IDM 2020

Now we are going into the year 2021 with a hopeful but inevitably realistic view. The winter pandemic will probably hold on to us for a long time and whether the second wave will become a third can only be assessed pessimistically or optimistically - depending on the type. How optimistic the 2.4mR sailors are, they already show with their reports at EssenRuhrCityCup End of March. Perhaps through our own behavior, we ultimately have more influence on the course than we think.

In any case, we can also be optimistic about the development in our class in Germany. We gained 15 new, very active and regatta-happy members in 2020. That catapulted us well over the 100 member limit. We have grown by almost 70 percent in five years. Although three (inactive) members will leave at the end of 2020, two new members will join the group on January 1, 2021. And we are sure that we are still a long way from reaching the end of the flagpole. The 2.4er still has great potential for sailors in the second half of life as a small single-handed boat with incredible sailing properties.

A large number of proven regattas are waiting for us next year. The Triple Match Trophy should be revived by the organizers of the regular regattas after its cancellation in 2020 - as a club has already promised. It is a particularly attractive regatta format with spectators and expert explanations by a moderator.

The Brexit deal gives us hope that our international connections, especially with the British 2.4mR scene, will not be severed. In a completely different region, a French 2.4mR world champion and Paralympics winner is causing a sensation: Damien Seguin sails in the top group of the Vendee Globe in the Arctic Pacific. He has been in the top ten since the start of the regatta. At the moment, even in the constant fight with the German Boris Herrmann, he has just taken the lead in the chasing group behind the first three competitors. An unbelievable achievement that we can be there live thanks to telecommunications.

Damien with 2.4mR (only in the port) at the IMOCA

Let's spend many wonderful hours together in our boats on the regatta course and together on land. Be spared the virus and otherwise

Broken mast and sheet in 2021!

Secretary Detlef, GER 99

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