Black Friday Week on

Black Friday Week on

All mail order companies are now on Black Friday, most of them even for a whole week. Of course we can do that too, even if we are not a mail order company, but only a community of enthusiastic sailors.

Just go to the basement and see what you haven't used in the last few years. A lot should come together. When it comes to sailing things, you can now offer them to our 2.4mR sailing community as a bargain. Someone can certainly use this stuff.

Just go for it

Boat market & forum

and register. Then you can under "Offered" one "Add topic“And soon you'll be rid of your clutter. Your partner will thank you.

And do not forget: If possible, post picture (s)!

If you don't get along, ask chrism in the menu.

And if the sale worked, please go back to the ad and click “solved” and “close” under the ad.

Otherwise: stay healthy !!

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