Remarkable comment from a 2.4mR trial sailor

Remarkable comment from a 2.4mR trial sailor

On October 24th, 2020, the Joersfeld Sailing Club in Berlin organized a trial sailing in the 2.4mR shortly before the end of the season. Funded by "Aktion Mensch" as part of inclusion sailing, of course in compliance with the applicable Corona regulations.

So far, so normal. But on Monday a participant thanked them with an essay that will warm the heart of every 2.4 sailor. That's why it's published here, enjoy reading it.

If you want to see the 40 photos for this event, visit the Contribution to the JSC referenced.

Hauke ​​Stiehl

Test 2.4mR - or "My most beautiful holiday experience"
There they were now, the three racing boxes in the corner of the Joersfeld sailing club, still planned, but ready for us: Anne, “Rookie” Jörg Stabernack and me. Jörg Saeger as our coach and Poldi Käther as the meanwhile “old hand” let us first sniff our new sports equipment in peace - the Mini-12s or better known as 2.4mR. We began to unpack, crane and rig the small yachts with guidance and active help - an outstanding feature for this boat class. The first remarkable experience: You could manage all of this all by yourself without the help of others, but there is always active support from the other enthusiastic 2.4 sailors, of course, uncomplicated and without asking.
But the company doesn't start off that easily. Once you have taken a seat in the small ship, the so-called “piano” jumps in your eyes, an almost unmanageable sea of ​​clips with thin ends of different colors. I have my first problems finding all the traps, pods and straighteners.

How is my old brain supposed to remember everything at the right time and control the hand movements, first I am drifting alone on the big wild “Mare Tegelum”, with my head 20cm above the water surface, foot controlled in front of me ???
Finally the sails are set and I hammered the four most important ends - jib sheets, mainsheet and backstay - into my head. Port pedal: to the left, starboard pedal: to the right, my God, that works, and how amazingly good-natured. No wild tugging at the tiller. A certain routine sets in in the feet surprisingly quickly, only an occasional swap, but the yacht forgives such mistakes and is quickly back on course. Turn, jibe, sail up and down, I find my way around the tangle of ends unusually quickly.
And when I write sails, I mean foresail and mainsail !! No tortured tugging at the pods and hectic shouting of commands to the crew with the request to improve the sail position - everything is in your hands!
The first little gust - remember! - Draw backstay!
Lo and behold, the feared spilling over of the apparently so threatening water into your comfortable couch does not occur and the yacht pulls its course with a little more heel - as high up the wind as I've never sailed before.

The first downwind course, the blue and white strings pulled - I remember -, the jib sheet lowered, and the outrigger, sheared parallel to the main boom, shoots forward and stabilizes my jib. Lower the mainsheet, check the backstay, jib halyard stretcher, foot stretcher and boom vang, the right pedal for the space sheet course.

Then suddenly there is the rubber dinghy with Jörg Saeger behind you, who complains in a friendly manner that your mast does not fall forward properly and you should loosen the shroud tension with two levers. I haven't discovered it yet, but I can quickly find it below deck and the mast folds into the right position and you can feel the yacht moving forward much faster.
In general, the experience of speed through the water is much more intense - no wonder, you are much closer to this wonderful element.
From time to time Jörg gives us admonitions from his rubber dinghy not to drive into lull holes, admittedly a disadvantage with the low seating position in the boat - observing the wind is much more difficult than from our thick ships.
The weather god is more than gracious and gives three novices in the 2.4er in bright sunshine light winds with occasional gusts, so that we can explore and learn to use our "piano" without stress. Gradually, the seemingly unmanageable tangle of strings becomes more familiar. You will find the right end at the right time, in contrast to the initial fear of being overwhelmed: everything makes sense, you pull on it and feel the attitude directly in the behavior of the boat.
In love with your jib windbones, you let two hands and feet work and originally feel the wages of the work under your very best. Incredibly quickly you will find the right "switches" to influence your sailing. Everything affects only you! No one else you can secretly blame when the "box" doesn't feel as you would like.
After our excursion downwind across the Tegeler See in glorious sunshine and the most beautiful warm autumn weather, three 2.4ers, supported by coach Jörg Saeger, cruise back to the Joersfeld sailing club well beyond the time of the estimated trial sailing.
Anyone who complains that one is so alone in this ship does not have to be right. When you're out and about with three of these yachts, like us, and “match” a little, it's a lot of fun and you don't feel lonely at all.
When you arrive at the sailing club, there is still another challenge: mooring at the pier !!
The weather god shows compassion for us "rookies". It gives us light winds for the maneuver - and - despite the long taster time, the helping hands of the 2.4 community from the club, how could it be otherwise.

The sails are quickly recovered, the yachts craned and the racing machines safely parked in their corner on the club grounds. Afterwards, in small groups, people can already chat and talk shop in the dark with beer and pretzels about the beautiful day.

It is not for nothing that these three boats are labeled “Aktion Mensch”.
This action really made three people very happy that day and we can imagine that these ships bring a lot of joie de vivre in other contexts with the synonym “Aktion Mensch”.
People of different ages and different physical dispositions can enjoy our sailing sport together.
I, no, we would like to thank the JSC and all the organizers and supporters involved, especially Jörg Saeger and Poldi Käther, for this exceptionally beautiful sailing trial day in the 2.4 mR.
It shouldn't be the last day in this extraordinary yacht.

Hauke ​​Stiehl
Tegel sailing club

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