2. Corona wave kills the Münster Cup

2. Corona wave kills the Münster Cup

You had thought it so well, the organizers of the Münster Sailing Club. After the Münster Cup had to be cancelled in spring due to the 1st Corona wave, they had chosen a date late in the year to give us all another regatta. Unfortunately too late.

While the regional lockdown applies in Berchtesgadener Land from today and the Chancellor has asked us to refrain from all contacts that are not really necessary, the friends from SCM have again cancelled the Münster Cup. Jürgen Schwittai writes:

Dear 2.4mR sailors,
The sailing club Münster would have liked to prepare you a nice sailing weekend on the Aasee at the end of the season. The 2.4mR sailors from Münster had given a lot of thought to how a regatta could be carried out under corona conditions. We were very happy about more than 30 registrations.
The increasing numbers of infections mean that we have to cancel the 9th Münster Cup. Some of the participants come from risk areas, Münster itself is also on the way to the first warning level and is no longer far from an incidence value of 35.
We will of course refund the registration fees that have already been paid. If the money is not in your account again in the next 2 weeks, please contact us at regatta@segel-club-muenster.de.
We hope for your understanding and will start a new attempt in 2021 to host the 9th Münster Cup.
Stay healthy, take care of yourself and your boats!
Your 2.4mR crew from Aasee

This ends an extraordinary sailing season that only began at the beginning of August. Our members were able to sail six regattas, four of them in Germany, one in Italy and one in Austria. That also makes a Ranking 2020who chooses a worthy winner!

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