Sabine reports: Nevellüücht-Regatta 2020

Sabine reports: Nevellüücht-Regatta 2020

After a few regatta cancellations, for me it was the start of the season in 2.4 and also my personal regatta entry into the class. It felt like half an eternity ago we had spruced up my boat and brought it into regatta form, the last training trip was 4 months ago.

So the question arose when I was rigging up: What about the distribution of the clamps on the piano? On Saturday, after a brief briefing by Lutz, all sailors went on the water. From 10 a.m. after the departure of the passenger shipping we were allowed to cross the Elde on our own, this year without a towing association.

close together

A short, steep wave was already waiting for us on the Plauer See with a medium wind from the east, and this should still be strong during the day. It was possible to sail 3 races with long crosses in screeching winds. In the first race with wind around 1kn the conditions were ideal and everything felt really good.

But unfortunately the second start had been postponed significantly due to the anchor lip of the starting ship. During the waiting time the wind had picked up quite a bit. Afterwards we sailed 2 long races until we almost dropped, which luckily is not possible in the class. The wind was getting gusty and turning. During the hack I was able to organize a good organ on my new CFRP piano. 

In the evening there was a barbecue together under an air-flooded canopy at the Plauer Hai Live with Bremen beer, which the newcomers from Bremen and us donated to the class entry. Thanks again. 

On Sunday morning we went out to the start at 9 a.m. with glorious sunshine and less wind. With a south wind it was possible to cross again for a long time. On the 2nd day we also managed 3 demanding races with a high field density. It stayed exciting until the end.

The placements on the results list read like old hat, but they were open until the last race and there was a hard fight for every point.  

familiar faces at the award ceremony: Lutz as distributor, Ulli as 2nd, Heiko as 1st and Kalle as 3rd.

We would like to thank all the volunteers of the Plauer Hai Live for this successful regatta, especially Lutz Christian Schröder and for using the harbor at the Plauer Sailing Club. We are already looking forward to them Nevellüücht 2021!

Sabine Trömer
GER 50

all results.

Another report from Michael Tiemann, GER 31, at the Plauer Hai Live website.

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