Maik reports: Prien City Cup 2020

Maik reports: Prien City Cup 2020

For the 13th Prien City Cup 2020, 29 boats from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic and France entered.

I traveled with the "Ostwind" on Thursday, crawled and gladly used Christian Bittner's offer for training. I would be happy if the host could organize such an offer at every regatta so that I could learn from the top sailors.

On Friday, after a delicious veal sausage and the opening by the mayor, 25 boats took off. The Chiemsee surprised with a wonderful northeast wind of strength two to three Beaufort with very nice weather, so perfect conditions. Race director Volker Mehlberg and his team took the good chance and let four of the nine planned races sail one after the other. Oliver Thies from the Hamburg sailing club was clearly leading after that day. On land, due to Corona in three dining rooms, we were again spoiled with delicious food and drinks and there was a lot of laughing and talking shop.

More races were on the schedule on Saturday from 11.00 a.m. - but unfortunately the start was postponed due to lack of wind. The start shift was bridged with a delicious pumpkin soup and then we went on the water. At least we were able to sail one race and so every sailor could cancel his worst result, since a total of 5 races had now been sailed. Oliver Thies sailed out another victory, was able to cancel his second place and became undefeated overall winner and winner of the Prien City Cup. Martin Koller overtook Christian Bodler with second place in the last race and finished second overall, while Christian Bodler came third.

Winner Oliver Thies with a lead transporter

On Sunday there were several postponements because the weather god unfortunately didn't send us any wind. The many hard-working helpers in the SCPC conjured up a smile on our faces with their delicious food, despite the lack of wind. We used the time for technical discussions among sailors and had a lot of fun. 🙂

In the early afternoon the regatta ended with a heavy heart, with a total of 5 races, the best were honored and the boats with their sailors started their journey home.

Among the twelve handicapped sailors who did very well in the strong field, the overall sixth Bernd-Leopold Käther from Joersfelder Segelclub eV won, ahead of Mario Graus and Gernot Ciprian, both from the Austrian Academic SV.

I was very satisfied with a 15th place out of 25 starters, learned a lot from the "old hands" and say thank you to the SCPC and your many hard-working helpers for a great sailing weekend.

Maik Aberle (GER65)

All results here.

Images on the pages of the SCPC.

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