23rd Berlin Cup 2020 in the YCBG

23rd Berlin Cup 2020 in the YCBG

The Berlin Cup (Berlin championship of 2.4mR) originally planned at the beginning of May this year was postponed to the first weekend in September due to the corona pandemic. The Müggelsee was free for our class and showed itself from its best side every day.

And the organizing Yacht Club Berlin Grünau did everything that was allowed to offer the sailors a little social event with social distancing at this regatta.

The breakfast, sponsored and prepared by Bernd Zirkelbach and Jürgen Freiheit, was only served every morning through a window on the terrace, the clubhouse was locked. In the evening the chef Swen spoiled us with all kinds of spices outside. The supporting program was slimmed down, but lovingly prepared and carried out. Unfortunately the food on offer was just too good to say "no".

The most important thing in the world, sailing, was also perfect. When asked whether 8 races instead of the scheduled 11 would have been enough, the race director Jan Prockat replied: "Since the 1st Berlin Cup, 11 races have always been scheduled!" So Friday 4, Saturday 4 and Sunday 3 races were planned. And wind and weather played along. While we were racing, it was always dry from above, pleasantly warm and, apart from the overcast Saturday, even sunny.

Easy to lift thanks to IMMAC sausages

On Friday it started a little late due to a light wind, but it soon stabilized at around 3 Beaufort. On Saturday a lot more, on Sunday 3-4 Beaufort were the basis to pull off the 11 races. Some gusts were strong, but manageable except for splashing water. The wind commuters typical of the inland lake were limited to a maximum of 10-20 degrees, path changes were not necessary.

Oli in the polar, Heiko in the Caribbean, Ulli in Central Europe look at the award ceremony
Diversity at the award ceremony:
Oli in the polar, Heiko in the Caribbean and Ulli in the Central Europe look

And so all 20 participants were able to chase each other down the slopes in all-round fair conditions. Overall, the most successful were Heiko in 1st place, Ulli in 2nd place, followed by the newcomer Oliver in his “lead transporter”. The first places in the 11 races were well distributed, serial winner Heiko also had 2nd and 3rd places, but was allowed to cancel his outlier in the 1st race.

I'll save more individual places, just take a look at the results https://manage2sail.com/de-de/event/BC2020#!/results?classId=3fc4bf86-e5ba-4705-9074-1bd0aa8790d8

As a hero from midfield (10th out of 20, therefore reporter) I had an unusual sense of achievement even in races 6. Right from the start I was the happiest in dealing with the wind shifters and led the field to the last mark before the short finish leg. Shortly before this, Heiko played out his skills and brought me back down to earth. But also second place just behind Heiko was good for my mind.

In short, the 23rd Berlin Cup held by the YCBG and its regatta team under Corona restrictions was a perfect sailing experience. I'm looking forward to the 24th Berlin Cup in 2021, hopefully again under “normal” conditions.

Great thank you 
Poldi Kather
GER 123

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