IDM 2020: It was a great event!

IDM 2020: It was a great event!

The organization, the implementation, the hygiene concept, the race management, the friendliness and of course the sailors left nothing to be desired for the first top-class regatta in 2020.

The results were roughly in the expected order. Congratulations to Heiko and everyone who placed.

Kalle Dehler (2nd) Heiko Kröger (1st) Ulli Libor (3rd)

I can only say: Many thanks to the VsaW and all members who were involved in the IDM. Above all Robert Niemczewski, his team on the water and Frank Butzmann and his team on land.

So, now I'd be done. But we had three new faces for the first time in a regatta and then in a championship: Frank Schönfeldt, Michael Dehler and Oliver Thies. All three are highly regarded sailors in other classes. They did very well in the changing conditions and were impressed by our integrative class. A statement from Frank that is worth reading is on Yacht-Online with the wonderful quote "The regatta changed my life".

For the future, I believe we will be able to welcome many more prominent sailors to our class. We are looking forward to it.

Bernd Zirkelbach

GER 11 

And here is the link to all of them Results.

Sören Hese took 1020 (!) Sensational pictures of the event and at his Website published.

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