Measure license

Measure license

One goes, two new ones are already there. We have a generation change among measurers in Germany and perhaps internationally. Jörg Feder has given up his job. After an excellent international seminar under the direction of Keith Gordon, which was co-organized by Jörg Feder and Stefan Kaste in Münster, we have two new measurers in Germany who have received the license from the DSV.

Manfred Kieckbusch has been a national and international measurer for the Contender for several years. Now that he is sailing 2.4mR, he now has an additional license for our class. In his job, he is involved in a company that produces carbon fiber tubes. In this respect, several 2.4 sailors have already developed hopes for light trees and masts.

Thomas Jatsch sailed until some seasons ago 15er dinghy cruiser. Since mid-2018, he has switched to the 2.4 and has since then intensively dealt with the rules. The measurement of the Super3 he made with Jörg and delivered his masterpiece. The DSV has now also rewarded this with the license. But Thomas also wants to go higher, namely to become an international measurer for our class. He will soon travel to England to receive the higher orders when he is measuremented with Keith. Thomas will also be responsible for the measurements at the IDM at VSAW in August.

The field for measurements including the sink tests (see above) will be well ordered for our class in the future!

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