The smart sail in the garden

The smart sail in the garden

Nobody should say that there is still no sailing potential in Corona times. Ulli Libor is leading the way.

He is currently expanding his new Super3 and takes a few minutes of sailing in the garden.

Ulli, tense with the wind

A short time after this shot, a gust of 5Bf came and brought the trailer three meters further forward. 🙂 For this reason, Ulli preferred to look for a place outside the boat upwind.

Ulli, trimming on the cross

In any case, the sailing feeling has set in when the weather is good. Now we are all excited to see what the ship looks like and what innovative fittings arrangements will be on display. He has promised, to show us pictures of it. Thank you in advance for this great insight from sailing the Smart in the garden with the brand new ship!

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