MIT family Trömer

MIT family Trömer

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The Mixed Inclusion Trophy of the 2.4mR class has been around for a year. The Trömer family has been around for much longer. But now they both come together. MIT and family. After mother Sabine also climbs into a 2.4er with the help of the Plauer Hai Live this season and wants to sail regattas, the team is complete. A sailor, a sailor and a handicap sailor, this is what a mixed inclusion team consists of and also the Trömer family. If you look at the individual results of Christoph and Tim so far and believe the rumors about Sabine's sailing skills, a top MIT team is created here. The cover picture shows the three during altitude training in preparation for the season. 🙂

Some personal characterization of this unusual team:

Sabine, GER 50

About 17 years ago, I was able to gain my first experience in thick ships with the Mini Cupper model boat class, and I occasionally take part in regattas in winter. As a family, we have been sailing together on a keel ship, a Hanse 331, for a long time and - triggered by Christoph - are trying to go on tours with maximum speed and the right course to the next port. Corresponding opponents can always be found on the open sea. When I was young I had the opportunity to learn regatta sailing in the 420 and 470 dinghies in detail. I am looking forward to my and our first 2.4 season as a mixed inclusion team, and what I will say about it in autumn.

Christoph, GER 5

I learned the basic concepts of sailing at the GST (Society for Sport and Technology) in Ueckermünde. The basic idea of ​​this pre-military training organization is becoming increasingly suspect to me. However, I still benefit from this maritime training.
When I was 14, my parents bought a family cruise ship. We spent a lot of nice sailing days on it. The regatta fun was very limited. Nevertheless, we tried everything. I only got my first real regatta experience in the course of the last GDR championships in sea sailing on a quarter-ton “Hiddensee”. Those were wonderful times, especially in connection with the new freedoms that the turn brought.
Then there was a few years off from regatta sailing. Air sports had a firm grip on me. Sabine and I then expanded an Ixylon to a regatta boat at the end of the 90s. This is actually only a very well represented and competitive two-man trapeze dinghy in the East. I had some eye-opening experiences on their opening.
When the children came, the focus shifted. In addition to the return to family cruising, I later discovered the 2.4 as a supposedly temporary playground for me. I am very pleased that I was able to inspire Tim first and now Sabine as well. I'm pretty excited about the 2020 season for three.

Tim, GER 51

For me, the fascination of 2.4 sailing is to tactically and technically sail at a high level, but also when there is a lot of wind, if you can clearly see that it is a water sport. In summer 2017 I spontaneously got into a boat in Plau at the Plauer Hai Live, and got off again enthusiastically after a long round of the lake. In autumn 2017 I sailed my first 2.4mR regatta with a boat from the Plauer Hai Live, and was very enthusiastic afterwards.
I learned to sail classically in the Opti and took part in regattas for 3 years with a great regatta opti from the Stade sailing club. I trained on the other side of the Elbe at the Mühlenberger Segelclub (MSC). Looking back, that was a good time.

From 2020 these three are now a team in the one-man 2.4mR. It sounds paradoxical at first, but the Mixed Inclusion Trophy makes it possible.

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