That started well!

That started well!

Our presence in the sailing media is continuously increasing. This can also be seen at the turn of the year. Both YACHT and SEGLER-ZEITUNG serve their readers with very different articles in the first edition of the year, but in which our messages come across excellently. Full bustle in a high ride.

The Segler-Zeitung puts her half-page article under the heading "German 2.4mR bring class around the world". In this they state our strong membership boom, founded by

  • the departure from the image of the “disabled boat” to the image of an inclusive boat class with the highest level of sailing skill
  • the consistent presence in renowned clubs at international German championships
  • the development of attractive and innovative regatta concepts such as the Triple Match or the Mixed Inclusion Trophy as well
  • the good press work on their own website.

At the same time, we radiate internationally into the International Class Association and towards World Sailing, where our demand to include boat class 2.4mR in the program of the regular Olympic Games is no longer just laughed at:

"The realization that the 2.4mR offers a unique range of sports for the International Olympic Committee has now led to the fact that the class should start" openly "for the first time at the Hempel World Cup Series in Genoa (April 13-19, 2020). "Said the Segler-Zeitung.

Under Title festival in front of Travemünde is published in the same issue of Segler-Zeitung pointed out that we will choose both the Germans and the European champions before Travemünde in July this year and adds: "The one-person keelboat is becoming more and more established as the inclusion discipline and is experiencing a great boom in Germany."

In the YACHT it is then Kalle Dehler under "The late called “, who can report on his entry into the XNUMXmR class. The World Cup in Genoa, in particular, received special mention from Kalle: "The world champion in this inclusive class became a woman with a disability."

The year can continue with the reports about us in 2020. Simply a true report about our class in every issue of YACHT and SEGLER-ZEITUNG!

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