The World Cup 2019 in Genoa

The World Cup 2019 in Genoa

The 16 hour drive home is still in my bones.

What not to do to sail around in circles with a few like-minded people from all over the world.

You can put it like this ... But you can also say that you have set out to experience one week of intense sailing in a spectacular setting in a mostly relaxed atmosphere.

It’s better!

Now, as the third-placed German, I have won the writing of this report. May I be forgiven for the rather personal view of this event.

Since we had planned this excursion as a family excursion, we were among the first to arrive in Genoa. Tired of the annoying journey in the constant rain, we were glad that we were allowed to park the boats under one roof on a supposedly safe area.

In the dark one could already guess the dimensions of the exhibition center from which the World Cup was to take place. We were also surprised at how mountainous the city is, or should one say, overgrown.

Our accommodation was within walking distance, but there were also perceived 100 meters of altitude to be overcome. With Tim as a wheelchair user, this has been quite a challenge for us over the days. But we had booked an active vacation.

The first day of training already gave a hint that this wave would be challenging sailing with comparatively weak winds. The complete alternative to the IDM in Essen.

Then all the other participants slowly rolled in and the tedious procedure of registering and measuring took up the whole Saturday. There were delays here because the weighing equipment was not quite up to the challenges.

I missed the exact details because I was too busy repairing my hand pump. The hoped-for original rubber bellows, including some useless excuses, was only delivered personally from Finland on the penultimate day of the World Cup.

A mailing was promised.

In these conditions that forced me to not start the third race at all. It was annoying ...

Then there was a good training day on Sunday and the Practice Race on Monday, which was canceled due to a lull and 180 ° wind shift. A few disappointed faces could already be seen.

The World Cup should finally start on Tuesday…. But there was first a strong strong wind and even impressive waves from land. Nobody complained that he was not allowed to sail.

On Wednesday it really started. Windfinder promised 5-6 kn. Hopefully it won't stop because of the doldrums, I thought.

I was taken aback by the fact that some of the boats in the expiring fleet came back. I knew why behind the breakwater. Instead of the 5-6 there was 15-16 kn wind with the corresponding wave… .hoppla the water tastes salty here. I was glad I chose the Troko.

The first race went very well… at the end of 15th place.

In the second race I made a mistake, which I repeated on the last day: After a fairly reasonable start in Lee, I discovered much too late that I had sailed the left lay line for miles. So with open sails and powerful resentment in the belly down to the windward barrel.

Was I just too stupid or too blind or was the bin really too far to the right?

At least I wasn't alone.

In general, a certain loss of favorites could not be ignored at this World Cup. The reasons given were usually breakage and pump failure, but also various early starts. In addition to Heiko, this also affected some well-known names, especially from Sweden.

On the second day there were slightly more moderate winds. All those who drove out on the last day were really challenged. I have never seen such high waves in my sandwich nutshell. It wasn't just me pumping wildly to stay up.

Not all of the approximately 47 boats made it that day.

In the end Megan won this World Cup with an impressive performance… she dropped a third place !!! But Marko Dahlberg and Fia Fjelddahl also impressed me. There are always people in front who don't need the word.

Deserved winners from left: Marko Dahlberg (vice), Megan Pescoe (world champion), Fila Fjelddahl (third)

Except for the ugly incident when rioting disco visitors stole bicycles, penetrated tents and behaved badly, I was very impressed by the Italian helpfulness and friendliness.

I would also like to mention the nice relaxed cooperation in the German team. In addition to evening visits to restaurants, they helped themselves wherever they could.

The return trip then took place again in constant rain. We already knew that. It was an intense day with impressive conditions. We have learned again. We really enjoyed it. We will remember this World Cup for a long time.

Comes well over the dark season.

Christoph Trömer, GER 5

All results here.

And then there is a report from Poldi's son under

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  • Poldi

    Hello 2.4 community!
    I would like to add to Christoph's report that the conditions at this World Cup were really challenging. The President of the YCI then said at the award ceremony that it was probably unusual, especially for sailors from inland lakes. I can only agree. But WR 4 strongly recommends that every sailor decides to start. On the last day I actually wanted to go sailing. Already at the entrance to the harbor I had doubts, but hoped for conditions that could be sailed further out. When I arrived at the start zone, I had to realize that I could not do it without endangering myself and others or risking damage to my own boat or other boats.
    So I turned back to the port. On the way there I realized how perfectly the organizer guaranteed the security of the participants. A relay from RIBs secured the way, one was handed over from one boat to the next, everyone was watching one and asked every now and then whether help was needed. That was really great.
    In short, it was a great World Cup, well organized, perfect conditions, worthy winners.
    I was completely happy, although of course my end result is not the yellow of the egg.
    It was an unforgettable experience, such conditions were probably not only new to me. The 2.4 is incredible to sail, the weak link is the person sitting inside.
    Comes healthy over winter
    Greetings, Poldi

  • Rudi GER 793

    Poldi, you are a great sailor!
    If you see that it does not suit you, all attention!
    Thank God we were not in Genoa, I would have had my pants full.
    Otherwise wonderful pictures, an advertisement for the 2.4.

    Friendly greetings to everyone.


  • Jörg Feder

    Hello Christopher,
    that with the “very personal perspective” is even desirable in my eyes. Anyone who is interested in the results service looks at the rating lists every day anyway. I'm more interested in the question: "How was it down there?" And you answered it well.
    You are welcome to become third again.

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