Inclusion in sailing

Inclusion in sailing

Inclusion in sailing

Positions and claims
German 2.4mR Klassenvereinigung eV
January 15, 2019/10. February 2020

Due to the cancellation of sailing from the Paralympic program, there has been worldwide discussion about the role of sailing with disabilities.

The German 2.4mR class association includes about 75 percent of people without and 25 percent of people with physical disabilities. She is involved in the ongoing discussion with the following positions and demands:

1 positions

  1. We sail a sophisticated, internationally widespread boat class from the family of the meter rule class, which includes the 12, 8, 6 or 5.5 series. The boat enables a large number of people to sail against one another with equal opportunities: women and men, the heavy and light, young and old, physically and non-physically impaired, and moreover in a financially manageable range.
  2. We welcome the fact that the German Disabled Sports Association as well as the respective national associations have been providing sustainable support with the 2.4mR for years.
  3. We are pleased that numerous associations as "inclusion bases" (Plau am See PHL, Berlin YCBG, Berlin Tegeler See JSC *, Geierswalde 1. WSVLS, Münster SCM and Prien am Chiemsee SCPC) as well as other associations enable people with disabilities to sail.
  4. However, we do not already see it as an inclusion if disabled people are allowed to sail. Inclusion only exists when people with and without disabilities do sailing under the same conditions - in the best case, when people with and without disabilities sail against each other in regattas with equal chances.
  5. These conditions are probably unique worldwide when competing with the sailing boat of the 2.4mR class. For years, national and international people with and without disabilities of all ages and all genders have been sailing against each other on a high tactical and high-tech level. At the open world championships there are winners both with and without disabilities.
  6. The fact that disabled and non-disabled people can sail in the 2.4mR is an important step towards participating in the world of all people. This is a great step forward from the not too distant times when even parents had to hide their disabled children so that they would not “disturb” or a blemish would fall on the producers.
  7. Interestingly enough, however, disabled people are also "singled out" in para-competitions. However, this is not necessary for sailing in the 2.4mR boat class. Here is a unique opportunity to go one step further; namely to realize real inclusion in sport.

2 demands

  1. The German 2.4mR class association is committed to ensuring that all regattas in the 2.4mR are advertised "openly" worldwide - as has been the norm in Germany for a long time.
  2. This implies that there should be no (federal) national championships, German championships, European championships or world championships with the addition "Para" for disabled sailors.
  3. In these “open” championships, there may be separate ratings and prices for the disabled and non-disabled, for grandmasters over 60 or young masters under 20 years of age, or for female or male participants, in addition to the overall ranking, which includes all sailors.
  4. We call for merging the ways of promoting sports at all levels. In the future, sports funding will have to be based on the individual needs of the athlete. Additional measures to promote personal assistance, training and the competitive environment in sailing from trained helpers to needs-based jetty facilities must be developed and made available. The class association takes an active part in these development processes.
  5. In addition, the association's service structures of all national sports associations, such as coaches, training camps, training courses and courses, should continue to be aimed at active athletes, but in the future will also be aimed at the directly assisting and supportive environment of athletes with the aim of unhindered To enable participation. Resources of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) must be coordinated and made available on an equal footing.
  6. In the final analysis, we demand that the 2.4mR boat class be included in the program of the Olympic Games. That would be an appropriate and strong signal for equality between women and men and the inclusion of disabled and non-disabled people in sport, and it would be in line with the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNBRK).

The aforementioned positions and demands are based on the idea that “disabled” is ultimately just an expression for limited abilities one Area is. But people have very diverse characteristics and abilities. Being physically impaired is only one form of this diversity. In other words, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And when it comes to (competition) sport, it is important to have strengths in particular in the particular sport. We experience this particularly clearly in the 2.4mR. Only the individual ability to be able to sail fast is required here. Everything else, whether physically restricted, underweight or too few male genes, is subordinate to insignificant.

* Added February 10, 2020.

The above statement was made by our members Detlef Müller-Böling and Lutz-Christian Schröder developed and adopted by the board of the German 2.4mR class association. We hope for a lively response and discussion within the class.

You can as pdf datei downloaded for further distribution.

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