Gävle 2018 - open World Cup in the Swedish summer

Gävle 2018 - open World Cup in the Swedish summer

Eight sailors who still had the time and desire to compete in an international field after the Kiel Week set off on the long journey to Gävle. Embedded in a three-week annual vacation, the Swedish Baltic Sea area lured with summer weather and a few days of sailing fun. There were a total of 72 boats at the start - a strongly Scandinavian field, Sweden, Finland and Norway were very strongly represented. Germany, Great Britain and Australia followed, Russia, Poland, Czechia and the Netherlands provided the smaller teams.

On arrival we were welcomed nicely, were able to immediately cranes and then found that we did not have enough fenders in our luggage. The tight jetty situation required that the boats overlap by a third. The fenders were not easy to obtain on site. Thanks to the still arriving sailors, enough was available in the end. Keith Gordon's survey was quick and easy this year; it was announced that the jury would select three boats a day, which would then be checked after the last day's race. As far as I know there was no survey protest, everything was fine.

To get in the mood, we had the Practice Race on Monday. The surprise was that we had a 5-6 nm journey to the starting line on Area C, the main course, so 60 nm for arrival and departure are to be planned in the week, including 13 planned runs of 4 nm - so there was a chance To travel 112 nm in a 2.4mR. It was therefore well advised to store enough provisions and have the appropriate clothes on board.

It was sailing as so often, the nice fellow sailors with whom we have so much in common on land, about which we like to talk shop, suddenly fell into race mode - tunnel vision and knife between our teeth. The recurring struggle for the best position on the barrel made this clear, when 30-40 boats are looking for the right gap, there is no pardon. Incidentally, this happens regardless of age, because many of the Scandinavian fellow sailors are real humps of salt; they often have seven or more decades in the wake - impressive. Sailing or regatta sailing is probably an elixir of life that keeps you fit. I awesome pull my southwestern.

The first runs were characterized by the bulbous jib, light pods and tape threads in the shrouds. This should change over the course of the week. The wind built up more and more, Thursday it was already over 25 kn and on the last day we came from the water at a little under 30 kn. The stronger the wind, the more uncomfortable the local wave - short and high. (That is why some of them did not start anymore.) Some were worried that after the last crossing of the finish line he would be safe from the wind through the Jetty's at the port entrance. In the end, everyone succeeded. Material damage was nevertheless to be complained about - here a mast, there a sail. I myself now also have reason to order a new mainsail - the mainsheet was not closed quickly enough and the whisker pool sought its way.

Instead of the dock beer there were grilled sausages every day; Beer for a little more euros than normal for us in the tent. There the organizing sailing club provided the social dinner every two days and live music every day. Here we saw the Australian singer Tania Doko - an incredible voice. It's just a shame that the entire sailing community was already in their pens, so Klötzing's and Schröder's could enjoy a private concert.

At the end of this week, the heroes always prevailed: Stellan won the x. times the title, followed by Megan and Marko, then many familiar faces that always sail in the front - some of the senior managers below. The nine of us then spread out in the second half, led by Stefan in 35th place as the best German, followed by everyone else. Too bad we could have done a little better individually and as a nation. If the number of German participants had corresponded more to the breadth and quality of the sailors represented in our class association, this would probably have been possible. So there remains hope for the next open World Cup to impressively present the latest development of the German class association of 2.4mR. I heard that this will be sailed off Genoa in October of next year.

Overall, we had a good week in the Swedish summer with nice and challenging sailing. In the end it looked like this to us after 10 races: Stefan 35., Holger 38., Lutz 45., Andreas 50. Peter 52., Burkhard 60., Sabine 70. and Michael 71.

You can find the full results at: http://wc24mr.com/index.php#data-fancyboxres

Lutz-Christian Schröder, GER 34


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