2.4mR sailing?


For regatta sailors of other boat classes, the class association provides one racing 2.4 mR with trailer are available.

This can be for one or more regattas. Our Regatta Calendar shows you which dates and areas are possible. Unfortunately, due to corona, all regattas were cancelled in the first half of the year. We do not yet know what will happen next. In any case, you can already register.

There are only two conditions:

  • You are an active regatta sailor in another boat class, recognizable by a place in the ranking of this class.
  • You're ready for at least a year member to become the class association.
KV boat "fighter"

You can apply here at any time

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    • As described above, we have a boat that we borrow. The boat is currently in Essen, but can be used anywhere. Please register and we will contact you - at the latest when the "normal" times have started again.
      Best Regards

    • Manfred Kieckbusch

      Trial sailing works best in the region.
      For the Kiel / Schlei / Flensburg Fjord / Schleswig-Holstein region
      you are welcome to contact me mk@elite-composite.de Report.
      We are building a north fleet here.
      We also collect all 2.4mR used boat offers and know the market well.
      We have donors and sailors and also plan winter sailing in the loop.
      Wednesday regattas in Kiel are also very exciting for all Kielers. Our goal is 15 starting 2.4mR as the first step. The second step is to launch Kieler Woche 15 Kiel 2.4mR. Every active Kiel regatta yacht could be the sponsor for a 2.4mR. The ship could then be sailed yourself or, if interested, made available to international participants for regattas.
      Regards Manfred GER 15

    • Manfred Kieckbusch

      The Kiel fleet will soon have a test boat to try out the 2.4mR sailing. The boat is supported and looked after by the Nord fleet.
      Some north men and north women have already promised support with tuning. We are also happy to accept material donations for ongoing operations against a donation receipt. Perhaps we will soon be able to equip the 2. 2.4mR with it. We also like to take whole boats or donate money, then we buy boats in our non-profit association.
      Manfred GER 15, mk@elite-composite.de, 0170-2156775

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